Injury Prevention and Recovery

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Injury Prevention and Recovery

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Functional Physio SA Torrensville Adelaide West Torrens

Functional Physio SA Torrensville Adelaide West Torrens

Injuries! They can strike at any time, putting an end to even the best of plans. Not only can injuries ruin all of the hard work that athletes put in, but some injuries can also be career ending. This is the risk that athletes run every time they compete and train. But what if you had the chance to protect yourself from these injuries and always perform at your best? Introducing… Recoverite Compression wear.


Injury Prevention and Recovery


The best treatment for injuries begins with prevention. Although some injuries are unpreventable, there are many soft tissue, joint and over usage injuries which can be prevented. With Recoverite sport you can forget about these injuries and focus on your performance. Recoverite’s extensive heat and ice therapy in conjunction with revolutionary compression technology is highly a beneficial multimodal treatment for pain and immediate relief.


The use of Recoverties Clayflex heat pack with compression technology, helps injury prevention through the following physiological benefits:

  • Temperature regulation                         
  • Minimisation of muscle oscillation
  • Improved fatigue resistance
  • Enhanced blood vessel definition
  • Limiting muscle atrophy
  • Reducing the impact of DOMS
  • Reduce cell necrosis 
  • Activating muscle fibres
  • Enhance joint and muscle range of motion

These effects prime your body for high levels of stress and limit muscle repair post-workout. Injury prevention has never been so easy or accessible than it is now with recoverite sport. 


Injury Treatment


Injuries, although somewhat preventable, are inevitable. As an athlete or even just living an active lifestyle you are bound to sustain a substantial injury and some point in time. However, injuries, although can ruin a lot of hard work and training, don’t have to be the end of the world if treated properly. Recoverite makes injury treatment effortless and efficient. Ice and Compression are two of the universal leading treatment methods for injuries. This is not just sporting injuries either, these two treatment methods are the gold standard used by all medical professionals. With the use of Recoverite you will decrease pain through the duration of your injury, decrease swelling, limit inflammation, reduce internal bleeding of soft tissue and increase the rate of muscular repair. These factors will all contribute to your injury healing stronger and quicker than any injury you have had before. 


An added bonus to Recoverite is demonstrated through extensive research and testing in our goal to achieve the optimal temperatures for ice and heat therapy, which other products just can’t achieve. Recovertie’s clayflex ice packs inside the pockets can reduce your skin temperature to <13o the optimal level for tissue cooling, as well as the clayflex heat packs increasing body temperatures up to 37o optimum temperatures for metabolic performance.

How can Functional Physio SA help?

Physios are experts with pain and function, so whether it’s a major injury, or assistance to improve performance there is always a reason to see a physio.

Our highly experienced physios use a wide range of treatment approaches based on extensive qualifications and further training.

After visiting Functional Physio SA you should have a clear diagnosis and understanding of what is going, and a treatment plan detailing how you will get better including how long it will take to heal, how often you will need to see the physio, what treatments we will provide in your program, and what exercises you need to do to get back to doing the things you love.

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