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Recoverite Cold Compression Therapy

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Functional Physio SA Torrensville Adelaide West Torrens

Functional Physio SA Torrensville Adelaide West Torrens

Minor Injuries, and niggles in sports are inevitable. When putting your body through the stress of training and competing you are sure to feel the pinch at times. However, for an unlucky proportion of athletes, major injuries can ruin months and years of preparation, and even put an end to careers.


There is a universal six week minimum recovery time for injuries which require an operation, with some injuries such as a torn ACL’s needing at least a year of recovery. These periods of recovery can be full of anxiety and stress, as often you feel like you are ready to dive back in, but your body isn’t quite on the same page. Recoverite’s revolutionary range of recovery products will keep you on track and ensure your recovery time is as short as possible, helping you and your body get in sync, and back out there in no time at all.


How do we do it…..




The go-to for any injury situation. Postoperative ice therapy is always recommended by medical professionals, but can also be such a hassle. Buying or making ice cubes, just for them to slip around, never be the right temperature, and melt in no time at all; leaving you lying in a cold puddle. With recoverite’s, Clayflex ice packs you can reach the optimal skin temperature of under 13 degrees celsius whilst keeping the ice exactly where you need it and not having to worry about it melting.


Recoverite is the easiest way to perform ice therapy, decreasing pain throughout the duration of your injury, decreasing postoperative swelling and inflammation, reducing internal bleeding of soft tissue and increasing the rate of muscular repair. With these benefits from Recoverite’s ice therapy not only will you be back up and going quicker, but you will also come back stronger.




One of the most simple and effective recovery techniques available. With Recoverite’s Ice compression and revolutionary Quantum compression you can achieve the following post-operative benefits.

  • Temperature regulation: Prevents muscles from overheating when swelling and inflammation occurs                 
  • Minimisation of muscle oscillation: Increasing muscle relaxation and repair
  • Enhanced blood vessel definition: Increases blood flow; reducing recovery time
  • Limiting muscle atrophy: Preventing loss in strength and composition throughout prolonged periods of underuse
  • Reduce cell necrosis: Allowing for cells to repair faster and stronger
  • Activating muscle fibres: Keeps muscles strong and active preventing cell death and muscle degeneration
  • Enhance joint and muscle range of motion: Maintaining flexibility and joint strength

How can Functional Physio SA help?

Physios are experts with pain and function, so whether it’s a major injury, or assistance to improve performance there is always a reason to see a physio.

Our highly experienced physios use a wide range of treatment approaches based on extensive qualifications and further training.

After visiting Functional Physio SA you should have a clear diagnosis and understanding of what is going, and a treatment plan detailing how you will get better including how long it will take to heal, how often you will need to see the physio, what treatments we will provide in your program, and what exercises you need to do to get back to doing the things you love.

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