Fundamental Capacity Screen

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Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS) in Torrensville Adelaide

Fundamental Capacity Screen

Fundamental Capacity Screen

The Fundamental Capacity Screen is a movement based system to find areas to improve your athletic performance

The system assesses 4 key components of athletic capacity including power production, maintaining posture under load, storing and reusing energy, and controlling balance

With this screening system we can identify what the primary focus of your training and programming should be


How can Functional Physio SA help?

Physios are experts with pain and function, so whether it’s a major injury, or assistance to improve performance there is always a reason to see a physio.

Our highly experienced physios use a wide range of treatment approaches based on extensive qualifications and further training.

After visiting Functional Physio SA you should have a clear diagnosis and understanding of what is going, and a treatment plan detailing how you will get better including how long it will take to heal, how often you will need to see the physio, what treatments we will provide in your program, and what exercises you need to do to get back to doing the things you love.

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